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National Conference on Recent Innovations in Mechanical Engineering

About the Conference

Jai Shriram Engineering College, an industry guided institution at Tirupur, is one of the pioneer in the field of Technical Education. We are happy to announce, the National Conference on Recent Innovations in Mechanical Engineering (RIME) is organized on the third week of November, every year. This opens a platform for intellectuals from various Universities, Research institutes, Enterprises and Experts across the globe to gather, exchange their ideas and findings of recent developments in Mechanical Engineering. This conference is also promulgated, through presentations, basic expeditions, applications and case studies in the broad area of Mechanical Engineering.

              RIME acts as a forum for the academic as well as industrial community to address the opportunities & challenges and to discuss the scope for future research. The conference brings together academicians, research scholars, engineers and scientists to exchange and share their expertise. The conference provides an opportunity for the presentation of new advances in theoretical and experimental research in the fields of Mechanical Engineering. It also focuses on recent innovation in the area of Thermal, Manufacturing, CAD/CAM,   Materials, Renewable energy and etc. This as gateway, expected to create a new era for Mechanical engineers in research and development for the betterment of the future generation both in terms of economy and sustainability in our country.

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